THE WHO -- Who's Next (MCA Ultimate MasterDisc)

Considered by many to be the band's finest work, "Who's Next" has been given the 24-karat gold treatment by MCA. Remastered from the original two-track analog masters, the CD sounds considerably better than the original pressing. There is no hiss at all, and the output level on the disc is much higher. The packaging, however, is nothing spectacular. No new pictures, lyrics or any other additional information. Instead, we get a list of the other gold discs available on MCA.

Comparing it to the German Polydor CD brings out a few interesting observations. While the Polydor version has noticeable tape hiss, the sound is much crisper than the gold MCA version. The instruments and vocals are clearer and more distinct as well. Unless you're a Who collector that has to have every CD ever released by the band, wait for the new expanded version.

© 1995 Steve Marshall