WEATHER REPORT -- This is Jazz 10 (Columbia / Legacy)

In 1971, fresh from stints with Miles Davis and Cannonball Adderly, Joe Zawinul and Wayne Shorter formed the nucleus of the first jazz supergroup--Weather Report. Borrowing from the new musical styles heard on the last few Miles albums, Weather Report went on to become one of the most successful fusion jazz groups of the mid 70's. Although there were a number of musicians who passed through the band (including the great Jaco Pastorius), it was the duo of Zawinul and Shorter that held things together until the band broke up in 1986.

As you would expect, highlights abound on this CD. You get classics like "Birdland" (one of the finest jazz pieces ever written), the poetic "A Remark You Made," and a whole lot more. This is Jazz 10 includes most of the band's 'greatest hits' and makes an excellent starting point for someone who is just getting into the band.


Birdland * A Remark You Made * Black Market * Man in the Green Shirt * Young and Fine * The Moors * Mysterious Traveller * Orange Lady * Teen Town

© 1997 Steve Marshall