ROBIN TROWER -- Bridge of Sighs (Mobile Fidelity)

When I first put Mobile Fidelity's new gold Bridge of Sighs in the CD player, I really didn't think it was anything spectacular. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't great. By the time it got to the extended fade on "Day of the Eagle," I started to change my mind. This is a perfect example of what makes most audiophile CDs and vinyl so enjoyable. As the song fades into oblivion, the only thing you hear is the music. It's amazing that after years of listening to this album, you can still pick up nuances in the music that seemingly were never there before. The studio chatter on the title track is more prominent now.

The original album never sounded bad, but this gold pressing blows it away--it's warmer and much more spacious. Channel separation is superb on all the songs. Each instrument stands on its own in the mix. "Too Rolling Stoned" in particular never sounded better. The handclaps during the solo are right in your face. Besides the improved sound quality on the CD, Bridge of Sighs includes new liner notes and photos, and the single version of "Day of the Eagle" as a bonus track.

© 1997 Steve Marshall