The Invisible Band

TRAVIS: The Invisible Band (Epic)Travis is shaping up as one of the most promising Brit-pop bands of the decade. With the bands new effort, The Invisible Band, Travis brings folk-influenced guitars behind warm melodies, textures and sincerity. Lead singer Fran Healy shows a new attitude with his lyrics that envelopes maturity and a newfound love. Healy's singing brings a deep honesty that stands out on the new disc that showcases a new confidence in him and the band. Stand out cuts on The Invisible Band include "Sing," "Dear Diary," and "Flowers in the Window." These songs, unlike the others on "The Invisible Band" are a sing-a-long free-for-all. The band has taken the success from last year's breakthrough album, The Man Who, and matured to make them a stronger unit. If the band keeps evolving as it has they will not be an invisible band for long.

© 2001 Troy Michael
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