…All This Time

STING: ...All This Time (A&M)You know, I really wanted to like this album. Sting's last live effort, Bring on the Night, was outstanding. He had a crack band made up of some of the best musicians around, and everyone involved turned in an inspired performance. On his latest effort, he's still got a great band, but this time it's as if they're daring you to fall asleep. One of the coolest things about a Sting concert is the way he reworks his material. He does that here as well on several tracks, but in every case, the original versions are better.

Too much of the time, he seems like he's just going through the motions. Even newer songs like "Brand New Day" (one of the best things he's written recently) are played at a faster pace, as if he's just trying to get them over with. The biggest problem with this CD is the material. Sting seems determined to cure insomnia with his last few albums, and unfortunately, he continues the trend here. Recommended only you're having trouble sleeping.

© 2001 Tim Hartin
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