VARIOUS ARTISTS -- Still There Is More... (Third Lock)

Following the success of its first Todd Rundgren tribute "For the Love of Todd", Third Lock has released "Still There Is More..." -- 2 full CDs of Todd cover tunes performed mainly by unsigned artists. Pretty much every era of Todd's work is covered here, with varying degrees of success. The songs range from faithful renditions ("Kindness" by 3rDegree, and "Infrared and Ultraviolet" by Nicoteens) to interesting new arrangements (John Hamlin's "Open My Eyes" or Jay Hallett's reggae take on "Determination") to hopelessly boring (The Revolvers version of "I Saw the Light") and every possibility in between. Check out the dance versions of "Time Heals" or "Real Man". Still not enough variety? Try Blanch Camp's screaming on "Sometimes I Don't Know What to Feel", or Robbie Freeman's imitation of Lou Reed on "Just One Victory" and you'll see what I mean.

Possibly the best thing about the new tribute is the inclusion of (for the most part) the more "obscure" songs that Todd's written over the years. This CD will be a real delight for Todd's fans. Todd has admitted liking the CD himself. Third Lock's own Mitch Cooper contributed a lackluster version of Hello It's Me (sorry, Mitch!) to the first CD. For this one though, he came up with a truly entertaining rendition of the classic "An Elpee's Worth of Toons" (from the '74 "Todd" album). Cooper also compiled all the songs on both tribute CDs.

The packaging on the CD is superb, much better than the first CD. For an independent release, it rivals just about any "big label" effort. Bill Bricker did a very professional looking job with the artwork.

Overall, the artists who contributed to the CD do a fine job. There is talk of the possibility of a third tribute CD in the future. "Still There is More," is a very enjoyable listens & deserves a spot in the collection of any Todd fan.

"Still There Is More..." is only available through mail-order. Call Third Lock Records direct at (708) 379-0347 (be sure to ask about "For the Love of Todd" when you call -- there's only a few left!) or write to PO Box 25523, Charlotte, NC 28229 for more information.

Profits from the sale of the CD are to be donated to charity.

© 1995 Steve Marshall