JEFFERSON STARSHIP -- Freedom at Point Zero (RCA)

Long before they built that damned city, Jefferson Starship was making albums with good tunes on them. Once lead vocalist Grace Slick became an "on again, off again" member of the group (this was the band's first album without her), they lost a huge portion of their credibility. They turned into a cheesy top 40 band--commercially more successful, but a far cry from the group heard during the 70's on FM radio. Freedom at Point Zero (available for the first time on CD) hinted at the band's new musical direction, but there were still some good tunes on it. They had a few hits with songs like "Jane," "Girl With the Hungry Eyes," and "Rock Music"--but the album tracks like "Things to Come" and "Awakening" were the highlights on this album. The sound quality is better than the original vinyl pressing, and the booklet includes new liner notes.

© 1997 Steve Marshall