SISTER 7 -- This the Trip (Arista Austin)

This is one of the coolest CD's I've heard all year. Sister 7 has come up with a winning combination of rock, blues, R&B, funk and hip-hop to create a unique, irresistible sound on their third album, This the Trip. The band consists of Patrice Pike on lead vocals, Wayne Sutton on vocals and guitar, Darrell Phillips on vocals and bass, and Sean Phillips on drums. The CD starts with the title track--a sexually charged, funk-based tune that begs you to take notice. Pike's stark vocals on this tune are reminiscent of Ani DiFranco. "Bottle Rocket" starts off with an R&B groove, then cuts loose with a hard-rocking bluesy chorus a la Sass Jordan.

"Nobody's Home" is a great song, with a killer hook on the chorus. "Say Goodbye" is another highlight. The track features a Zeppelin-inspired main riff, then slips into an R&B groove to deliver the one-two punch. "Flesh and Bones" is probably the worst song on the disc, and even that isn't bad. "Perfect" has an interesting chord progression on the chorus that catches your attention on the first listen. The hip-hop elements and unusual guitar work on "Shelter" form the foundation for yet another very cool tune. The last tune on This the Trip is a hidden track called "Out of My Hands" (only available on the CD).

If you haven't heard this band yet, call your local radio station and tell them to play it. If they won't play it, tell them you're going to listen to another station. This the Trip is a killer new CD that deserves to be heard. Don't miss it.

© 1997 Steve Marshall