VARIOUS ARTISTS -- A Saucerful of Pink (Cleopatra)

There has been an enormous amount of tribute albums in the past few years -- some good, some not so good. One of the worst is the new Pink Floyd tribute, "A Saucerful of Pink". The songs range in scope from fairly faithful renditions to unlistenable to unrecognizable. Unfortunately, most of the songs on the CD fall into the latter two categories. Very few of the tracks on the CD show any hope of listenability whatsoever.

From Controlled Bleeding's take on "Another Brick in the Wall" (unrecognizable until the vocals come in), to the techno version of "One of These Days" by Spahn Ranch, you quickly begin to wonder if this is someone's idea of a cruel joke. You say you want to hear what a house version of "On the Run" would sound like? Look no further than Din's take on the song ending the first disc. Yes it's true, there are enough bad versions of classic Floyd songs to occupy two CDs..

Moving onto the second disc, we find two of the only songs that bear any resemblance to the original versions at all -- "Hey You" by Furnace, and Pressurehed's rendition of "Let There Be More Light". Penal Colony's techno attempt at "Young Lust" is horrid.

If you're a fan of the trance remix CDs, then this is the CD for you. However, if you're a fan of Pink Floyd, avoid this one at all costs.

© 1995 Steve Marshall