RUFUS WAINWRIGHT: Poses (DreamWorks)Singer-songwriter (and critic's darling) Rufus Wainwright just released his second album, Poses. By the time you read this, you will probably have already seen reviews saying what a great album this is. This won't be one of those reviews. You may have also heard how you need to hear the songs a few times to really appreciate them. This won't be one of those reviews either. Wainwright obviously likes to get under your skin. Unfortunately, that happens as soon as he starts singing. Producer Pierre Marchand, best known for his exquisite work on Sarah McLachlan's albums, tries his best to make this a worthwhile effort. Maybe he should've brought in someone else to do the vocals. The stripped-down arrangements don't help matters either. It's not the songs that are the problem--it's Wainwright's whiny voice. Could it just be an acquired taste? Possibly. Have I acquired that taste yet? Not even close.

If you liked his first album, you'll probably like this one too. Unfortunately for Wainwright, if you weren't already a fan, there's nothing on Poses that's going to change your mind.

© 2001 Tim Hartin
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