RETURN TO FOREVER -- This is Jazz 12 (Columbia / Legacy)

Return to Forever was one of the hottest fusion bands in the 70's--the brainchild of keyboardist Chick Corea. After two years, his band turned the jazz world on its ear. He recruited guitarist Al Di Meola, Stanley Clarke on bass, and Lenny White on drums, and they became an almost instant sensation on the jazz scene.

1976's Romantic Warrior album was one of the quartet's most successful endeavors. Unfortunately, the album always had terrible sound quality. The music was great; the sound quality wasn't. Now, thanks to Legacy's digital remastering, the two tracks that are included on This is Jazz 12 sound better than ever. The CD also includes the title track from Musicmagic album & two cuts from the live album.


The Romantic Warrior * Sorcerer * Musicmagic * So Long Mickey Mouse (live) * On Green Dolphin Street (live)

© 1997 Steve Marshall