HENRY ROLLINS: You Saw Me Up There (DreamWorks Video)

Henry Rollins is probably best known as the ex-Black Flag & Rollins Band front man. What people may or may not know is that he also does spoken word shows on a regular basis as well. You Saw Me Up There captures Rollins onstage at the El Ray Theater in Los Angeles. Released to coincide with the Think Tank CD, Rollins takes a hilarious (and all too true) look at life in "New Yawk," sinks (sorry, I can't tell you anymore about this one), trouble with alleged airline pilots, self inflicted head wounds in Brazil, sexuality, racism, and his all-time hero--Ozzy Osbourne.

Interspersed between each of these bits are clips of Rollins and two accomplices dressed as nerds trying to peddle books and CDs to people in their homes and on the street (one of which is ex-Stone Temple Pilots vocalist, Scott Weiland). The best thing about this video is that you get to see Rollins onstage while he's telling you all this. Just hearing him is funny enough, but when you can see his facial expressions & the whole physical side of things at the same time, it's even better.

© 1999 Steve Marshall