PJ HARVEY -- To Bring You My Love (Island)

When Polly Jean Harvey sits down to write songs for a new CD, she takes a slightly different approach to things. This time around, she literally locked herself in a room for several weeks. The results, however, were nothing short of spectacular. Ten of the songs written eventually made it onto the new CD, with several of the remaining tracks popping up as B-sides (outside the US).

"To Bring You My Love", the band's third CD (the fourth if you include "4-Track Demos"), was released this spring to rave critical & commercial reviews. With songs like "Long Snake Moan", "Meet Ze Monsta", PJ will satisfy the rockers out there. Other songs, like the dark & brooding "Teclo" or "Working for the Man" show a more intimate side of Harvey. The CD also includes songs that are more radio-friendly, like "Send His Love to Me" or "Down by the Water".

1995 is shaping up to be a stellar year for the charismatic Polly and her band. Following a high-exposure tour this summer with +Live+, as well as two short headlining tours on their own, PJ Harvey has just been named Spin Magazine's 1995 Artist of the Year. The band has the potential for greatness, and if this CD is any indication, they're well on their way.

© 1995 Steve Marshall