FRANK ZAPPA -- Over-Nite Sensation (Rykodisc)

Over-Nite Sensation was originally released on CD in a "two-fer" package with Apostrophe(') back in 1986. However, when they reissued Zappa's catalog last year using the FZ-approved master tapes, Rykodisc decided to make the albums available individually. Over-Nite Sensation has long been a favorite among fans, and contains some of Zappa's most popular material. "Montana", "Dirty Love", and the classic "Dinah Moe Humm" - they're all here.

The new CD sounds much warmer than the original. Zappa's guitar and vocals are pushed up in the mix on a few songs (such as I'm the Slime and Fifty-Fifty). Another interesting note is that the CD's output level is much higher than the original CD. Aside from minor tape hiss between tracks, the CD sounds great. The album's original artwork remained intact on the reissue. There are some new photos under the inlay tray as well.

Over-Nite Sensation is essential material for any Zappa collection.

© 1996 Steve Marshall