One Size Fits All was the final studio album released by The Mothers of Invention. Several tracks included here were recorded during the filming of the infamous TV special, A Token of His Extreme. Originally released in 1975, this CD is one of the rare cases in the Ryko series where the original vinyl actually sounds better than the new CD. The CD has better separation at times than the album. Like the new Over-Nite Sensation CD, the guitar is pushed up in the mix a bit also.

Zappa's fourth album in a row to reach the US Top 50, One Size Fits All contains some brilliant performances from several members of the Zappa alumni - George Duke (keyboards & lead vocals on Andy and Inca Roads), Napoleon Murphy Brock (vocals, flute & tenor sax on several tracks), and the ubiquitous Ruth Underwood on percussion. One of the coolest things about the new CD is the addition of the Zappafrank asteroid (named in Frank's honor in July of 1994) to the constellation chart. There's an enlarged picture of the asteroid itself under the CD tray too. A stellar tribute to a great musician.

© 1996 Steve Marshall