HEATHER NOVA: Siren (Big Cat / WORK)

Looking for something in the singer/songwriter vein with an edge to it? Check out Heather Nova's new CD, Siren. Deeply reflective and personal, the songs range from jangly pop tunes like "London Rain," to boldly sexual tracks like "Blood of Me," to rockers like the defiant "I'm the Girl" and "Make You Mine." Her last record, Oyster, was a mixed bag of sorts. Siren is much more cohesive. "This record is more raw than Oyster," said Nova. "I wanted the production to be less of a process and more of an art of capturing the moment, with a lot more spontaneity and room for improvisation."

The best two tunes on Sire are back to back--"I'm the Girl" and the cool ballad, "Winterblue." The latter could possibly be the best thing she's written to date. If you're a Heather Nova fan and you don't already own a copy of Siren, you should. If you're not familiar with her previous works, this is a great place to start.

© 1998 Steve Marshall