Trust No One

DAVE NAVARRO: Trust No One (Capitol) Dave Navarro may be one of the premier rock guitarists around today, but don't be fooled into thinking Trust No One is a guitar album. Instead, Navarro went out and made a passionate disc that explores many sides of the enigmatic artist. The first single, "Rexall" (inspired by the local drugstore where his parents first met) starts off with a folk-influenced guitar riff, then breaks into a rock and roll feel with a catchy chorus. After that, Trust No One heads off into several directions, like the laid-back bluesy feel of "Hungry," a slow groove in "Mourning Son"--all showcasing Navarro's guitar talents.

Navarro shows he has grown musically and emotionally on the 10-song CD. The biggest surprise of the CD is not the many genres of music he explores, but his impressive vocal style. It's as if he's been handling the microphone for years. Trust No One is one of the better debut efforts by a solo musician in quite some time.

© 2001 Troy Michael
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