Home From Home

MILLENCOLIN: Home From Home (Epitaph) For the members of Millencolin, their musical mission is clear--revolutionize rock and roll. With roots in rock, pop and ska, these four Swedish lads have obviously learned a lot by immersing themselves in the punk scene. The band's goal now is to build upon a semi successful image. If they're lucky they'll at least take their music beyond the joysticks of video game fanatics and into the mainstream conscience.

Home From Home is the type of music your parents were warned about. Yet with all the years and trends that have come and gone, now the collection seems rather tepid and tame. Heavy influences from such anti authority acts as Bad Religion, NOFX and Operation Ivy are especially evident. Yet, the muscle and meaning behind such bands is missing from Millencolin's empty handed militia mantra.

What once made punk bands so exciting and scary was their passion to say something important in ways that have never been said before. Punk bands of today, however, are usually lacking in one or both of these departments and still have the nerve to call their music punk.

It's not that Millencolin creates bad punk, it's just that they're not really adding anything new. "Man or Mouse" sounds a bit like Cracker, while "Botanic Mistress's" sloshes in sing-song silliness. Producer Lou Giordano (Goo Goo Dolls, Lemonheads) adds a mainstream signature touch, particularly evident on the watered down "Battery Check."

Millencolin's best bet might be winning over a new generation of punk rockers-- ones who don't mind having their punk served with less pizzazz.

© 2002 Janet Branagan
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