(Columbia / Legacy)

MILES DAVIS: Milestones (Columbia / Legacy) Aside from the Miles/Coltrane box released last year, this marks the first time that this material has appeared in true stereo in over four decades. Prior to that, it was only available in mono or electronically re-channeled stereo. The title cut also marked the first time that Miles had written in the modal style that would be immortalized on the Kind of Blue album. Expanding the group to a sextet was one of the giants of alto sax, Julian 'Cannonball' Adderley. Adderley's style of playing complemented Coltrane's perfectly--at times requiring you to really listen closely to tell who's playing what. Both players had incredible range on their instruments. Milestones includes three bonus tracks--alternate versions of "Two Bass Hit," "Milestones" which is actually superior to the 'original'), and Monk's "Straight, No Chaser." Milestones is a true classic album from a classic group.

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