Jazz at the Plaza
(Columbia / Legacy)

MILES DAVIS: Jazz at The Plaza (Columbia / Legacy)Jazz at the Plaza was recorded at a press party at the Plaza Hotel in New York City, but not released until 1973 (it was never available before on CD). The group only played four songs, but the recording is far from flawless. Miles was playing off-mike at the beginning of "If I Were a Bell," and in some spots the crowd noise (talking, glasses clinking together, etc) is almost louder than the music. But to these ears, this just adds to the ambience of the recording, effectively creating the sense of 'being there.' And although the sextet was not playing at their best, the interaction between Miles, Coltrane, and Cannonball remained creative and inspired. Coltrane, in particular, takes this material to new heights. As I mentioned earlier, the sound quality is definitely not great; but it's better than any previous version and it conveys the feeling and excitement of a live performance.

© 2001 Steve Marshall
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