LOVE IN REVERSE -- I Was Here (Reprise)

Love in Reverse started out as a duo named Dog, made up of childhood friends Michael Ferentino and Andres Karu. They began writing music together as teenagers in 1982, and started recording locally as Dog in 1988. The goal was simply to write and record as much as possible. A record deal was the furthest thing from their minds. After two years of sending out demo tapes & getting rejected, the two decided to just keep writing new material and see what happens. In 1991, the duo started performing live with a drum machine, light show and dancers. They wanted the visual side of things to be as strong as the music itself.

Though Dog garnered rave reviews in the local press, Ferentino and Karu decided the band's sound needed to progress. In 1995, they changed the name of the band to Love in Reverse, and replaced the dancers with a drummer. Enter Dave Halpern. Karu saw Halpern perform and was highly impressed with his drumming abilities and stage presence. Halpern's aggressive drumming proved to be the key element to Ferentino and Karu's musical vision. Originally hired to perform live, Halpern ended up playing on the new CD as well.

Cut to 1996. Love in Reverse made their major label debut in April with a 5-song EP entitled I Was Dog. Their first full-length CD, I Was Here, hit the streets in July. A unique combination of acoustic songs, guitar rock, atmospheric electronics, industrial grunge and dark, brooding lyrical imagery, I Was Here is one of the best albums released this year. The disc is literally filled with excellent songs--"Sometimes You're a Woman", "Fugue", "Another Story" and "A Feeding Frenzy" (which also includes an unlisted bonus track) are but a few of the many highlights.

It only takes one listen for the material to draw you in. The songs on the CD are filled with great hooks, yet unexpected turns abound. You never know where the music will take you next. This band may still be relatively unknown, but their superior songwriting and musicianship will make them a musical force to reckon with in the future. Love in Reverse gets my personal vote for Best New Artist of 1996.

© 1996 Steve Marshall