Birds of Pray

LIVE: Birds of Pray (Radioactive) Once dubbed 'the poor man's U2,' Live just released their sixth CD, Birds of Pray. As someone who was a big fan of the band when they first hit the music scene, my interest in the band waned after the success of their second album, Throwing Copper. From there (with a few exceptions), the music started becoming more and more preposterous as lead vocalist and principal lyricist, Ed Kowalczyk became increasingly full of himself and entirely too serious.

On their new album, the York, PA quartet (it's still the same four guys) has thankfully returned to their trademark sound and the simpler delivery that made them such a success in the first place. In addition, Kowalczek has lightened up a bit in the lyric department. The result is their most consistent release in several years. Highlights include "Sanctity Of Dreams," "Life Marches On," "Like I Do," "Everytime I See Your Face," and "River Town." And for a limited time, there is a special edition available with a DVD containing four live tracks recorded during the the 2002 Pinkpop Festival in the Netherlands.

© 2003 Tim Hartin
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