JOHN LENNON: Legend (Parlophone / EPROP)

There really isn't much to say about John Lennon that hasn't already been said. His musical influence is unparalleled. It's only fitting that a collection of his greatest hits be called Legend. This new CD reprises most of what appeared on 1989's The John Lennon Collection, albeit with a few different songs. Legend includes the hit "Nobody Told Me" (which, for whatever reason, was left off the previous disc) and the classic "Working Class Hero" (covered in recent years by Tin Machine). But these songs come at the expense of Double Fantasy's anguished classic, "I'm Losing You." Still, Legend is a fine collection of some of the greatest songs around. If you don't already have The John Lennon Collection (which is currently out of print), Legend is a required part of any CD collection.


Imagine * Instant Karma! * Mother (single edit) * Jealous Guy * Power to the People * Cold Turkey * Love * Mind Games * Whatever Gets You Thru the Night * #9 Dream * Stand By Me * (Just Like) Starting Over * Woman * Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy) * Watching the Wheels * Nobody Told Me * Borrowed Time * Working Class Hero * Happy Xmas (War is Over) * Give Peace a Chance

© 1998 Steve Marshall