KAYAK -- The Best of Kayak (Renaissance)

Kayak is one of those bands that achieved more success in Europe than in other countries around the world. They had a cult following of sorts here in the states, but never amounted to much commercially. The Best of Kayak gives a good overview of the Dutch band. The single version of "I Want You to Be Mine" is included instead of the (better) album version, but the CD also includes four cuts from the group's hard-to-find live album, Eyewitness. As far as the liner notes and packaging, there isn't much to speak of--which is surprising when you consider that the individual albums included full lyrics, etc. Still, it's great that this music is finally available on CD.

In case you have trouble finding The Best of Kayak in your local record store, you can order it direct from Renaissance through their web site. Click here for more information on Kayak or any of the other Renaissance artists.

© 1997 Steve Marshall