JUDE COLE -- I Don't Know Why I Act This Way (Island)

When Jude Cole released his second album, "A View From 3rd Street", he showed great potential as a guitarist & songwriter. His follow-up album, "Start the Car", turned out to be a disappointment -- both critically and commercially. With his debut CD for Island, "I Don't Know Why I Act This Way", Cole seems stuck firmly in adult contemporary mode.

Like his last album, there are only a few songs that really reach out and grab you. "Move if You're Goin'" has a funky, acoustic blues hook going through it that's guaranteed to get your head moving to the rhythm. The psychedelic "Lowlife" and "Madison" are fairly decent songs, but the rest are standard MOR fare at best.

With King Crimson drummer and long-time bandmate Pat Mastelotto, Lyle Workman on guitar (ex-Todd Rundgren & Bourgeios Tagg), & Steve Porcaro on keyboards, Cole has put together a tight band on the new CD. Unfortunately, they don't get the chance to stretch out on any of the material here.

Fans of Cole's earlier work will probably be disappointed with his new CD. It's not a bad CD, but not a great one either.

© 1995 Steve Marshall