Morning View

INCUBUS: Morning View (Epic) Incubus has a tall order on their hands following the slow, yet catastrophic success of the breakout release, Make Yourself. These beatnik-like prophets weave transcendental tales that manage to make the hippest of hippies look un-hip. Perched at a pivotal turning point comes Morning View, Incubus's latest collection of self-affirmations set to song.

We live in a land where Incubus has been hailed the 'next big thing,' in many ways, carrying the torch for rock band legends in the making. Careful not to drop the ball, Incubus dropped Morning View instead, which delivers much of what made us swoon when we first heard Make Yourself.

"Wish You Were Here" is the debut single, currently in heavy rotation on radio play lists everywhere. "Nice to Know You" is a song with similar energy that could be another notch on the band's belt. The rest of the tunes however, while dishing out more depth and dissection, seem to stray a bit farther from say, "Drive" like territory.

"Circles," "Blood On the Ground" and "Have You Ever?" spotlight the rap-influenced side of Incubus with more of a Rage Against the Machine accent. "Just a Phase" has a two-plus minute instrumental intro before finally segueing into a song reminiscent of Crash Test Dummies irritating hit, "Mmm, Mmm, Mmm, Mmm."

One of the best tracks on the CD is "Warning," a powerful message song, advising us to live our lives to the fullest. Slightly on the preachy side, Incubus still makes good with this optimistic ode in a way few artists can. Rounding out the collection are, "Are You In?" a spontaneous jam session, and the lengthy "Aqueous Transmission," with subtle Asian influences perfect for meditation.

Full of self-actualization, Incubus's Morning View proves to be a highly blissful musical experience--even if a lot of it is a bit over the top.

© 2001 Janet Branagan
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