VARIOUS ARTISTS -- The Ice Storm: Music from the Motion Picture Soundtrack (Velvel)

This is one of the most eclectic mixes of music I have ever heard on one CD. The soundtrack to the new Kevin Kline movie starts with excerpts from the film score by Mychael Danna, and features a new acoustic version of the 1989 Tin Machine track, "I Can't Read" by David Bowie. From there, it moves into Traffic's "Light Up or Leave Me Alone" and the Zappa classic, "I'm the Slime."

This is where it gets a bit more bizarre, in terms of musical selection. I'll bet 'His Frankness" never expected to have one of his songs followed by a Jim Croce tune. Seriously. It goes from "I'm the Slime" to "I've Got a Name." But wait--there's more! The Ice Storm also includes tracks by Bobby Bloom, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose, and Harry Nilsson.

The main thing of interest to collectors is the Bowie track, but I have to commend the producers for having the balls to assemble a diverse collection of music like this. It's not everyday that you see this kind of variety all on one CD. Of course, that doesn't mean it's something you're going to play repeatedly, but it does make for an interesting conversation piece.


Shoplift (Mychael Danna) * Finale (Mychael Danna) * I Can't Read (David Bowie) * Light Up or Leave Me Alone (Traffic) * I'm the Slime (Frank Zappa) * I"ve Got a Name (Jim Croce) * Montego Bay (Bobby Bloom) * O Grande Amor (Antonio Carlos Jobim) * Too Late to Turn Back Now (Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose) * Help Me Make it Through the Night (Sammi Smith) * Coconut (Harry Nilsson) * Mr. Big (Free - live version)

© 1997 Steve Marshall