FRANK ZAPPA -- Strictly Commercial (Rykodisc)

For the first time since 1969, consumers now can enjoy the "best" of Frank Zappa. On August 22nd, Ryko released Strictly Commercial, the first official Zappa retrospective since 1969, featuring 76 minutes of classic material. Encompassing 19 years of his illustrious career, Strictly Commercial contains such essential material as "Trouble Every Day", "I'm the Slime", "San Ber'Dino", "Dancin Fool" and 15 more of Frank's "clean" tunes.

The CD also includes two instrumentals - the classic "Peaches En Regalia" & "Sexual Harassment in the Workplace" from the Guitar album. It would have been nice to include Black Napkins instead of say.. "Be in My Video" or "Fine Girl", but overall, Strictly Commercial will do a fine job of introducing new fans to the rock side of Frank Zappa. It also serves as a fine starting point for someone wanting to experience Zappa's cutting sense of humor, as well his outstanding guitar work.

Following on the heels of Rykodisc's 53-title reissue program this spring, this CD is a fine testament to the talent of one of music's most prolific artists -- Frank Zappa.

© 1997 Steve Marshall