Live Frogs - Set Two
(Prawn Song)

LES CLAYPOOL'S FROG BRIGADE: Live Frogs - Set Two (Prawn Song) Live Frogs - Set Two is the latest release from Les Claypool's Frog Brigade, the recent solo project that the Primus frontman has been working on for the last year or so. This time, as promised at the end of Set One (released back in April), the band serves up "more Pink Floyd than any human being should ever withstand." What the crowd didn't know was that they were about to witness the band's classic 1977 album, Animals, performed in its entirety.

The Frogs improvise a bit here and there, but in general, the performance is faithful to the original album (as opposed to the extended versions Pink Floyd played in concert), with just a bit of Les' trademark quirkiness thrown in. The musicianship throughout the set is nothing short of superlative. Floyd fans will be duly impressed, while Claypool fans will simply say, "I told you so." Highly recommended.

© 2001 Tim Hartin
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