The Millennium Collection

FREE: The Millennium Collection (A&M) For fans who have only liked a smattering of the band's songs over the years, there's never been a good (read: inexpensive) compilation that covers everything from the A&M and Island years. With The Millennium Collection, that's all changed. All the biggest hits are here--"Fire and Water," "All Right Now," and "Wishing Well," plus the original version of "I'll Be Creepin'," which appeared on Three Dog Night's classic Naturally album.

Universal's been doing a great job with their 'Millennium' series, and this one's no exception. It provides a good selection of material at a budget price. Perfect for anyone who's just discovering Free, or someone like yours truly who has always wanted a collection of the band's best material all on one CD.


I'm A Mover * Walk In My Shadow * I'll Be Creepin' * Fire and Water * All Right Now * Heavy Load * The Stealer * Mr. Big (live) * Catch a Train * Wishing Well * Come Together In the Morning

© 2002 Steve Marshall
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