True North
( / Interscope)

FISHER: True North ( / Interscope)At the heart of Fisher is the duo of Kathy Fisher on vocals and keyboardist Ron Wasserman. The vocals sound like a combination of Sarah McLachlan and Tori Amos, but with the grit of Alanis Morissette. Making their debut on the Great Expectations soundtrack, Fisher has been wildly successful on the Internet; logging literally millions of downloads from various sites, mainly for their song "I Will Love You."

True North is the duo's major label debut, combining new versions of songs from their prior independent release, One, with 3 new tracks thrown in. Ron Wasserman's arrangements vary greatly from track to track, running the gamut from pop to rock to wistful piano-based ballads. But it's the harder edged songs like "Hello It's Me" and "The Life" that work the best. Other highlights include the ethereal "Never Say Never," "Had To" (think Sarah McLachlan with a screaming guitar solo to break things up) and the closing track, "Six Hundred Sixty-Six." This may not be a great CD, but it definitely has its moments and shows a lot of potential for things to come.

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