VARIOUS ARTISTS: Music from the Hit Television Series - Felicity (Hollywood)

One of the first things you'll notice about this CD is the lineup of musicians. More often than not, when you see a CD like this, it's one of those discs that look great in the store, but when you put it in your CD player, you wonder why the hell you bought it. I'm happy to report that that's not the case with this one. Not only does this soundtrack have a great, diverse lineup of artists, but the songs are good too. Most of the material is from singer/songwriters (Neil Finn, Sarah McLachlan, etc), but there's also a number of songs from newer bands like Ivy and Remy Zero. There are several highlights, such as Scout's "Day Before Yesterday," the ethereal "All I Need" by Air French Band, and the laid-back funk of Joe Henry's "Angels." The only thing that doesn't fit is Aretha Franklin's cover of "Bridge Over Troubled Water." Everything else is more than listenable, and the disc has a nice flow to it--a real rarity in soundtracks.

© 1999 Steve Marshall