THE DOORS -- Strange Days (DCC Compact Classics)

Before I begin the review for this CD, I have to admit upfront--I was never a big Doors fan. I had heard the hits on the radio for years, and frankly, never had any desire to hear more. Their music never struck me as something deserving of an audiophile pressing. After all these years, DCC's 24K gold version of Strange Days quickly convinced me otherwise. From the moment I hit the play button on the CD player, I could tell this was going to be an eye-opening (or should I say ear-opening) listening experience.

The channel separation on the entire disc is superb. On "You're Lost Little Girl," the sound quality is riveting -- to the point where you can't help taking notice. Robby Krieger's guitar tone on the track never sounded better. "Love Me Two Times" sounds like it's a new song. The soundstage is wide open on this one. Each instrument is easily identifiable from the other. DCC's pressing brings out all the subtle nuances in the background that were never noticeable before.

Since my wife is a big Doors fan, I had the opportunity to do an A-B test against a mint copy of the original album. There was no comparison whatsoever. "When the Music's Over" practically jumps out of the speakers at you on the DCC disc. The compression on the vinyl almost makes it sound like an AM radio. It's like listening to someone playing the album in the next room, and then suddenly they open the door and let you come inside. The difference is unbelievable.

DCC did a spectacular job on Strange Days. If only Elektra released it like this thirty years ago . . .

© 1998 Steve Marshall