AL DiMEOLA - This is Jazz 31 (Columbia / Legacy)

It was the mid-70's. The jazz scene was brimming with gifted young guitarists. Pat Metheny, Steve Morse and Lee Ritenour are just a sampling of the talent that was around. Al DiMeola's career began in 1974 as the guitarist for Return to Forever. After a brief two-year stint in the band, he embarked on a solo career. His solo records have touched on jazz, rock, and classical, as well as several other styles. After leaving Columbia in the early 80's, he began experimenting with the synclavier and seemed to steer away from the electric guitar.

DiMeola's guitar prowess is presented here in a multitude of musical settings. From the articulate "Ritmo de la Noche" to the tropical "African Night" to the playful duet with Chick Corea, "Short Tales from the Black Forest" and the live version of "Cruisin'," highlights abound on the CD. Legacy has done a superb job with its This is Jazz series so far, and this disc doesn't disappoint. Aside from a few glaring omissions (where's "Elegant Gypsy"?), this is a great introduction to one of the world's finest guitarists.


Race With Devil on Spanish Highway * Ritmo de la Noche * Short Tales of the Black Forest * Nena (live) * Fantasia Suite for Two Guitars * African Night * Cruisin' (live) * Spanish Eyes * Passion, Grace and Fire * Silent Story in Her Eyes * Sarabande From Violin Sonata in B Major

© 1997 Steve Marshall