Christiane F.

DAVID BOWIE: Christiane F. (Virgin) The folks at Virgin just released (for the first time on CD) the 1981 soundtrack to Christiane F. Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo, a German movie about a teenage girl's battle with drug addiction, featuring the music of David Bowie. Boasting the bilingual "Heroes/Helden" and edits of "Stay" and "TVC 15," the album quickly became a favorite among fans. The liner notes (which appear in both English and German) explain what was going on in the movie during each song, as well as a few interesting 'behind the scenes' tidbits that most people probably don't know about. When the album first came out, it didn't generate a whole lot of interest outside of Bowie's immediate fan base. Although listening to it now, the appeal is more apparent. The switching of emotion from one song to the next adds considerably to the flow of the disc.

Christian F. is an excellent (if a bit unusual) introduction to his mid-late 70's material for those not already familiar with these songs.

© 2001 Steve Marshall
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