ROGER DALTREY -- Martyrs & Madmen: The Best of Roger Daltrey (Rhino)

Roger Daltrey is best known as the microphone-swinging lead vocalist for The Who. While his solo efforts are usually less than spectacular, there are always at least a few songs that are more than capable of standing on their own. Most of those songs are included on the new compilation from Rhino, entitled Martyrs & Madmen. The title comes from one of Daltrey's better solo tunes, although for some reason, the song doesn't appear on this CD.

All the FM favorites like "Giving it All Away," "Free Me," "Say it Ain't So, Joe," "After the Fire," and "Under a Raging Moon" are on the CD. There are a few tracks that are missing; but overall, the bulk of his best solo material is all here. Martyrs & Madmen is a fine introduction to Daltrey's solo work. The fact that most of these tracks come from albums that are long out of print just makes it that much better.


One Man Band * It's a Hard Life * Giving it All Away * Thinking * World Over * Oceans Away * One of the Boys * Avenging Annie * Say it Ain't So, Joe * Parade * Free Me * Without Your Love * Waiting For a Friend * Walking in My Sleep * Parting Would Be Painless * After the Fire * Let Me Down Easy * The Pride You Hide * Under a Raging Moon (single version) * Lover's Storm

© 1997 Steve Marshall