Garage d'Or

CRACKER: Garage d'Or (Virgin)Cracker has come up with some killer tunes over the course of their career, and most of them are included on the band's new greatest hits compilation, Garage d'Or. The one thing they never seemed to do was release a CD that's consistently good all the way through. And while this album has the same problem, the majority of the group's best material is all here. Unfortunately, there are a few essential tunes missing--"I Hate My Generation" and "Nothing to Believe In" from The Golden Age, and their excellent cover of Neil Young's classic "Fuckin' Up" (only available on a CD single).

My only other complaint about Garage d'Or is that (like their other CDs) there is too much filler. The initial pressings come with a bonus disc, which for the most part, is made up of throwaway tunes. If the three tracks I mentioned above were on this CD, and it was a single disc instead of a double, this would be one hell of a CD. What you get instead is a double CD with seven great songs and a whole lot of filler. Bottom line? If you have Garage d'Or, The Golden Age, and the Euro-Trash Girl CD single, then you have the 'real' best of Cracker.


Disc One - Teen Angst (What the World Needs Now) * The is Cracker Soul * I See the Light * Low * Get Off This * Sweet Potato * Euro-Trash Girl * Shake Some Action * Sweet Thistle Pie * I'm a Little Rocket Ship * Big Dipper * Seven Days * Been Around the World * Be My Love * Heaven Knows I'm Lonely Now * Eyes of Mary

Disc Two - Surfbilly * The Golden Age (live) * You Ain't Going Nowhere (live) * Hollywood Cemetary * Whole Lotta Trouble * I Want Out of the Circus (live) * Steve's Hornpipe * Mr. Wrong (live) * Sunday Train * Lonesome Johnny Blues (live) * Rainy Days and Mondays * China

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