CRACKER -- The Golden Age (Virgin)

Cracker has just released their third (and possibly their best) album to date, The Golden Age. The band has become known for having a mixed bag of material on their albums, and this one is no different. Kicking things off with the anthemic first single, "I Hate My Generation", David Lowery & company work their way though a variety of musical styles on the new CD. From the country twang of the title track, to the surf/punk tune "100 Flower Power Maximum" (with strings, no less!), to the slow dirge of "Dixie Babylon", you never know what kind of tune to expect next.

There are tinges of psychedelia thrown in on "Bicycle Spaniard". The song has a 'David Lynch meets The Beatles' feel to it. There are several songs on the CD that are worthy of becoming singles too. "Nothing to Believe In" (featuring Joan Osborne on backing vocals) is a really good tune, and "Sweet Thistle Pie" is a rave-up track that's practically guaranteed to be a hit. If you're looking for something a little more subdued, check out the acoustic track, "I Can't Forget You". The Golden Age has something for just about everyone. Whether you like to rock out, or you like things with more of a country feel, or you just like to kick back & relax, this CD has all the bases covered.

© 1996 Steve Marshall