CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL -- Cosmo's Factory (DCC Compact Classics)

Originally released in the spring of 1970, Cosmo's Factory was CCR's fifth (and arguably their best) CD. DCC used the original, unequalized two-track masters for the CD, and achieved one of the hardest things to produce in the studio--perfect, flat frequency response. Just the right amount of bass, and perfect treble. It's like having the band play in your living room. The disc has excellent channel separation and dynamics throughout. Each instrument is easily identifiable from the other.

From "Ramble Tamble" to "Looking Out My Back Door" and on through "Long as I Can See the Light," DCC's gold pressing sounds like it was recorded yesterday. "Run Through the Jungle" literally sounds like a brand new song. Fogerty's guitar effects grab your attention immediately, and the subtle drum fills that once lurked in the background are now much more prominent. The most dramatic improvement is on "Ooby Dooby." It's amazing to hear how wide open the soundstage is on this track.

Any respectable rock collection should have at least one Creedence album, and Cosmo's Factory is the best of the bunch.

© 1997 Steve Marshall