JOHN COLTRANE: Blue Train (Classic D.A.D. / Blue Note)

You better prepare yourself for this one. Sure, if you're a jazz fan, you've heard Blue Train countless times. But you've never heard it like this. Classic Records just released their D.A.D. version of this landmark album, and the sonics will blow you away. You'll notice it as soon as you hit the play button. The highs are crisp and clear; the low end is rich and deep. Blue Note released their 'ultimate' edition of the album back in '97, complete with two bonus tracks and all sorts of interactive capabilities. While you can't deny the sonic improvements they made over earlier versions, it doesn't come close to the sound here.

Classic's disc doesn't come with the bells and whistles of the Blue Note version, but the dramatic improvement in sound quality will astound you. We've reviewed several of the label's 24-bit/96kHz discs in the last few months. This one could be the best of them all.

(Reviewer's Note: D.A.D.s are not compatible with standard CD players. You must have a DVD player to play this disc.)

© 1999 Steve Marshall