You Are Here
(Abrupt / Universal)

THE CHURCHILLS: You Are Here (Abrupt / Universal)The Churchills are a four-piece band from the New York area. Heavily influenced by power pop artists like Crowded House, Jellyfish and especially Badfinger, the group mixes thoughtful lyrics with a keen musical ability & soaring harmonies. From the relentless power chords of "Beautiful" to the rocker, "Maybe Make Me Okay" (a song that originally appeared on their independent release, Magnifique 400), the songs pay homage to all the bands that influenced them, yet never sound derivative. In addition to the songs mentioned above, other highlights include "Ex #1 Fan," "Disposable," and "Mysticated Girl." You Are Here is one of those CDs that sound great the first time you hear it.

© 2000 Steve Marshall

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