BOBBY PARKER -- Shine Me Up (Black Top)

Guitarist Bobby Parker recently released a new album for Black Top Records entitled "Shine Me Up". For those of you who may not recognize his name, Bobby Parker has been playing guitar for years. He's played with Bo Diddley, and was part of the legendary Apollo Theater's house band during the 1950's. Led Zeppelin introduced him to European audiences in the 1960's, and John Lennon credited Parker with providing the basic riff for "Day Tripper".

"Shine Me Up" is a collection of guitar-based blues tracks. The only thing keeping this CD from greatness is the horn section. It's not very well recorded, and tends to distract from the music a bit. With a stripped down, more sparse sound, this could be a great CD. The songs have a good foundation. One of the better songs, "Somebody's Comin' in My Back Door" features some especially tasty guitar work. "Splib's Groove" is another highlight.

threeIf you like horns with your blues, definitely check out "Shine Me Up". If not, it's still a good CD that deserves a listen.

© 1996 Steve Marshall