The Best of Blue Öyster Cult (Columbia / Legacy)

BLUE ÖYSTER CULT: The Best of Blue Oyster Cult (Columbia / Legacy)If you go to a dictionary and look up the phrase 'contract album,' you'd probably find a picture of this CD. It's been years since BÖC released any good new material, and judging by the number of 'best of' releases out there, they must've owed Columbia a lot of albums. If you go to your local CD shop, most of what you're going to see in the BÖC section are rehashed greatest hits CDs. Not that there's anything wrong with that--the band has a lot of great material. But do we really need another compilation? Apparently so.

The Best of Blue Öyster Cult comes closer than any of the previous releases to really being a 'best of' album. It has all the hits, plus a few choice album tracks to keep things interesting for the long time fans. The only bum track that comes to mind is "Joan Crawford." Why they keep including this track on compilations I'll never know.On a more positive note, none of the songs are edited, plus the disc includes "I Love the Night," one of the band's best ballads.

This CD is a perfect introduction for someone who is just discovering the band. The liner notes are informative, and there are a number of cool photos from various points of their lengthy career. As for the band's longtime fans, you've probably already got all of this material (at least once).


Cities on Flame With Rock and Roll * The Red and the Black * Flaming Telepaths * Astronomy * This Ain't the Summer of Love * (Don't Fear) The Reaper * I Love the Night * Goin' Through the Motions * Godzilla * In Thee * The Marshall Plan * Black Blade * Joan Crawford * Burnin' For You * Shooting Shark * Take Me Away

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