Highway 61 Revisited

BOB DYLAN: Highway 61 Revisited (Sundazed) For Highway 61 Revisited, Bob Dylan took the electric side of Bringing It All Back Home to the next level; recruiting a full band, featuring the likes of Al Kooper and Michael Bloomfield. Released just five months after his last record, Highway 61 gave Dylan his big break with "Like a Rolling Stone." With its classic organ riff and steady beat, the six-minute single crushed the limitations of the three-minute pop single, and went on to become a number two hit.

Not only did his sound change with this album, his persona did as well. The wandering folk troubadour of just a few months before was long gone. Now he was the street smart, cynical voice of a generation. With his extraordinary surreal imagery, Dylan brought a level of intelligence to rock music that no one had previously thought possible. The album's nine tracks ran the spectrum from the almost garage rock sound of the title track to the acoustic 11-minute epic, "Desolation Row."

Highway 61 Revisited is Dylan's most accessible rock album and its historic importance cannot be understated. This record changed the face of popular music, and serves as proof of his legendary status as one of the true masters of both words and music. Now, in cooperation with Columbia and the Bob Dylan camp, Sundazed has released this classic album in glorious mono on 180-gram vinyl. The cover art is an exact reproduction of the rare original 1965 album, featuring the original sleeve notes and photos, and all-analog mastering from the original tapes. Not only does it look great, but it sounds great as well.

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