Greatest Hits
(Capitol / Chrysalis)

BILLY IDOL: Greatest Hits (Capitol / Chrysalis)After Generation X went their separate ways in 1981, Billy Idol embarked on a highly successful solo career. Sure, he may have become a parody of himself over the years, with his snarl and pumping fist and all. But what really matters is the music, right? Idol's albums may have been spotty at best, yet there were always a few standout tracks on each one.

From "White Wedding" to his great rendition of Simple Minds' "Don't You (Forget About Me)," Greatest Hits collects all the hits in one 72-minute disc. Aside from the Simple Minds cover, the only new cut here is the live, acoustic version of "Rebel Yell" from KROQ's Acoustic Christmas show in 1993. The only track I can think of that's missing from here is "Prodigal Blues" from the Charmed Life album. Aside from "Shock to the System," the material holds up well, and makes for an enjoyable listen.


Dancing With Myself * Mony Mony * Hot in the City * White Wedding (Part One) * Rebel Yell * Eyes Without a Face * Flesh For Fantasy * Catch My Fall * To Be A Lover * Don't Need a Gun (single edit) * Sweet Sixteen * Cradle of Love * L.A. Woman (single edit) * Shock to the System * Rebel Yell (live, acoustic) * Don't You (Forget About Me)

© 2001 Tim Hartin

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