BRYAN FERRY: As Time Goes By (Virgin)

Ex-Roxy Music vocalist, Bryan Ferry has always been one of the most debonair frontmen in rock. Never one to shy away from doing cover songs, on his new CD, As Time Goes By, he's taken it to the extreme, going back to the elegance and romance of the 30's. Talk about retro! These aren't just old songs with new instrumentation. The songs are authentically performed, but with today's technology and improved sound quality. Most of the songs feature an orchestra. The booklet is beautifully 'era-illustrated.'

Highlights include the straightforward reading of title track, the slow tropical-sounding "I'm in the Mood For Love," and the uptempo shuffle of "The Way You Look Tonight." Most of the songs will be familiar to anyone (over 30) who grew up with music in the house, and a learning experience for everyone else. This album isn't going to win Ferry any new fans, but for those willing to take a chance, it's an interesting look into some of the best-loved music of this century.

© 1999 Steve Marshall

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