RUSS BALLARD: Russ Ballard / The Fire Still Burns (Renaissance)

To me, Russ Ballard's 1982 self-titled album was one the best things released in the early 80's. "Voices" was a fairly big hit in some areas, and there were a lot of other great tracks on it as well. Until now, the album has never been available here in the US on compact disc. Renaissance has just released Russ Ballard and the follow-up album, The Fire Still Burns, on a single CD. Unfortunately, the album had better sound. The CD lacks the low end and warmth of the original vinyl pressings. Lyrics and liner notes for both albums are included though, and for those people who have been waiting all these years for its release on compact disc, it's great that it's available once again.

In case you have trouble finding the Russ Ballard CD in your local record store, you can order it direct from Renaissance through their web site. Click here for more information on Russ Ballard or any of the other Renaissance artists.

© 1997 Steve Marshall