THE SMITHEREENS -- Attack of the Smithereens (Capitol)

The Smithereens have always been a band to release B-sides. Now for the first time, Capitol has released a collection of these rare cuts on "Attack of the Smithereens". The new CD contains rare demos, live performances, and cover songs recorded throughout their career. Some of the songs have been previously released, some are exclusive to this CD. Liner notes were written for the CD's 26 tracks on the CD by DiNKen (mostly Pat DiNizio, "with a little help from his friend Dennis"). The CD starts off with the 1945 Smith College Women's Choir singing "Here Come the Smithereens". This is just one of the many obscure tracks found on the new CD. Some of the rarer tracks include live versions of "Behind the Wall of Sleep" with Graham Parker (from MTV's Unplugged), Don't Be Cruel (as performed with the song's writer - Otis Blackwell), "Just a Little" (performed with The Beau Brummels), and "You Really Got Me" (performed with The Kinks). Fans can also hear demos of classic Smithereens tunes like "Blood and Roses" and "Yesterday Girl".

Among the covers included are faithful renditions of the Iggy Pop/David Bowie collaboration, "Lust For Life", The Who's classic "The Seeker", Ringo Starr's "It Don't Come Easy", and The Beatles' "One After 909". In case that's not enough, the CD also includes a cover of the Frank & Nancy Sinatra standard, "Something Stupid", and a rollicking version of the holiday classic, "Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer".

This is one CD that's sure to be played a lot. Even if you're not a big Smithereens fan, there is enough good material here to keep you interested. Great CD.

© 1997 Steve Marshall