ARGENT -- All Together Now (Koch International)

When you think of Argent, you normally think of one song--"Hold Your Head Up." All Together Now is the album where the song originally appeared. It made stars out of the band, even if it was just for this one song. The thing most people don't know, is that they released a number of other albums as well. Most of them were nothing spectacular, but there were a few (like In Deep) that had some great songs on them. The reissue contains all the songs from the original album, plus 7 bonus tracks--including "Closer to Heaven" (the excellent B-side to "Hold Your Head Up") and three tracks from In Deep, including the classic "God Gave Rock and Roll to You." All Together Now was never a great album on its own, but the bonus tracks make it a worthwhile addition to your collection.

© 1997 Steve Marshall